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I'm a student majoring in Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. Ask me about Haskell, syntactic Case, Derrida, or Monads (:P)![1]
I also do research! Currently I'm working with the MELT group on parsing and attribute grammars, and with Microsoft research on TLA+, and am generally interested in making strong saftey and correctness gaurantees easier to get by improving the usability of formal verification and advanced type systems. For further details on all of that and more, check out my research page.
I'm also involved with the unviersity of minnesota's ACM student chapter where I'm currently the vice-president.
Any and all interesting personal projects I've made can be found on my My github account.
The most notable thing there is probably the functional programming language I wrote in Haskell, Hasus. I have a big pile of uncomitted changes rehauling pretty much the enitre thing (especially the type system!) that I'm waiting until graduate school applications are done to finish, so look forward to that!

In my free time I enjoy listening to (mostly {,{post,ska}-}punk) music (Bandcamp), watching {bad, artsy} movies (IMDb), learning new languages (ich spreche Deutsch auf Niveau B1, och jag talar svenska på A1-A2-nivå) (Duolingo), cycling, playing guitar, using parentheses, and starting programming projects I probably won't finish.

If you'd like, you can read my CV here

If you want to get in contact with me, you can reach me at my email kelton@keltono.net.

Signal available by request.

Addendum: what's your name again?

You may have seen my last name written as variously OBrien or O'Brien. I always spelt it O'Brien, until recently when I learned that there isn't an apostrophy on my birth certificate! Because of this Kelton OBrien is the name on all of my documents, so I decided to commit and spell it without the apostrophy (but with the capital B!). Also because it's kinda funny.

Addendum 2: 4 degrees? really?

Yes, really. I started going to college in highschool through Minnesota's PSEO program, so I have a couple extra years under my belt. When faced with the choice of graduating early with just a computer science degree or going wide and getting more degrees, I decided to do the latter. All of the things i'm getting degrees in are really cool (although I would say that, wouldn't I?) and I figure that it would be a lot harder to come back to school to get a different undergraduate degree later than now, so might as well get all of the ones I want now![2]

[1] Alternative Punchline: Ask me about Monads, Monads, Monads, or Monads (:P)! [back to location]

[2] Although It would have been nice to have time to formally study electrical engineering, and more languages ... [back to location]