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I'm a student majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics at the University of Minnesota. I'm also pursing a minor in philopshy. Ask me about Haskell or Derrida (:P)!
I'm also a student researcher for the MELT research group at the U of M. I am currently helping to develop the copper parser generator.
I'm also involved with the unviersity of minnesota's ACM student chapter where I'm currently the president.
This past summer I was a student researcher at Carnegie Mellon University through the REUSE program. I worked with Rohan Padhye on fuzzing, spesifically on mu2.
Any and all interesting projects I've made can be found on my My github account.
The most notable thing there is probably the compiler I wrote in python, Pysus.

In my free time I enjoy listening to (mostly {,{post,ska}-}punk) music (Bandcamp), watching {bad, artsy} movies (IMDb), learning new languages (Ich spreche Deutsch auf Niveau A2, och jag talar svenska på A2-nivå också.) (Duolingo), playing chess (Lichess), cycling, playing guitar, using parentheses, and starting programming projects I probably won't finish.

I you'd like, you can read my résumé here

If you want to get in contact with me, you can reach me at my email kelton@keltono.net.

Signal available by request.

Addendum: what's your name again?

You may have seen my last name written as variously OBrien or O'Brien. I always wrote my name as the second of those until somewhat recently, when I attempted to get a passport with that name on it, but they didn't allow me to because the name on my birth certificate didn't have an apostrophy! It was pretty strange to discover that I had been getting my name wrong my whole life, but I've since decided to embrace it. I now write my name as Kelton OBrien, but you might see O'Brien used in some places.